Rabu, 30 Januari 2013


    this is just a short story i want to share with you. i don't know it was  my real way on my life or something.. today, is exactly 1 month, i stay apprentice on some production house in surabaya. as an editor video my day was fill up with editing, and 1 month ago, i have done my work in 4 item. first is pre Akad, akad, pre reception, reception and now the last i have not finish yet a Highlight. Highlight mean is you have to choose the cutting video from 4 item before and make some mini story. it make me little crazy if i must do that, because 4 item before is best video cutting from all video and now you have to choose it again. but, my teacher said always there's a best video from the best. And maybe i will try to make a great hightlight. i just have to make a mini story from 4 item and i hope i can do that very well. go fighting ! ganbatte kudesai :D

this my firts post blog with english, i just wanna try to use english and get many word. i hope you can give some sugestion if any wrong word on it. thanks a lot :)

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